Dawn Island, mixed-media fresco


Dawn Island, mixed-media fresco, 10×10″, 2016, Margaret Keller

As one of my examples of contemporary fresco, I created Dawn Island.  The process involved many steps, all of which were totally experimental.  The fresco measures 10×10″ and has as its base a wooden panel.  The imagery is from my oil painting, Dawn – Bayou Teche, but the image has undergone a transformation.

The process involved first adding three layers of gesso to the panel.  Next came thick acrylic paint, applied with a knife, in gradated hues of blues.  When this was dry, a layer of plaster was applied, leaving portions of the blue underpainting exposed.  When dry, I applied a black and white copy of my original painting (image reversed and printed with toner ink) using a transfer method I developed.  After this came various manipulations of the plaster; some was removed or covered up with more acrylic paint.  Next were layers of matte medium.  I used Photoshop during this process, to try out various compositional options.  This is the final result.

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