By Margaret Keller

Fresco is alive and well today.  It is also a huge historic topic.  I researched fresco for my Fall 2016 sabbatical project.  This is my research, my visual analysis and my own fresco artwork of both contemporary and historic frescoes.  It includes a look at historic frescoes from India, Egypt, Minoan culture, ancient Rome and Pompeii, and Western art history from the Middle Ages until Modernism.  Links to contemporary artists who are creatively involved in fresco are here too.  Detailed information on traditional fresco techniques, methods, supplies, sources and images documenting the process step-by-step, as I recreate historical frescoes, are available here.  I have also documented possible techniques, methods, and supplies for contemporary frescoes, along with images showing different processes as I created my contemporary frescoes.

Margaret Keller

Margaret Keller is a St. Louis artist whose work deals with the intersection of nature, technology and the environment using painting, drawing, installation and hybrid art forms. Her writings about art have appeared in the New Art Examiner, Art in America, All the Art, Review Magazine and artreview.com. As a professor of art, she teaches painting and co-directs the gallery at St. Louis Community College Meramec. Her Surveillance Series has been in the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis Flat Files, the University of Wisconsin Foster Gallery and was recently at the Regional Arts Commission gallery in St. Louis; her Space Between Series was recently on view at Quadratfuß, NX2, Annex Art, Berlin; her Studio Window -Disaster Series was exhibited at the Little Rock Arkansas Art Center Museum in 2015.  Upcoming in 2017 is her new one person exhibition  Surveillance Series at Gallery 210, UMSL, St. Louis and in 2019, her Space Between Tondos, an installation at the William and Florence Schmidt Art Center Museum, Belleville, IL.

Website: www.margaretkellerstudio.com